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We Guarantee Your Electrical Repairs Will Not Hold Up Your Closing, Your Comfort, or Your Sanity!

Contact us after your home inspection for your free same-day estimate. If our bid is accepted within your inspection period we guarantee that your electrical repairs will not hold up the closing of the home or the work will be free! To ensure that your closing happens on time we have skilled technicians ready to quickly complete the work and if this is not feasible we also provide bill to closing and credit to closing options to further ensure that electrical repairs will not delay the home’s closing.

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Why should you use Volt Electric for all of your real estate transaction and TRR electrical repairs?

Familiarity with the process:
We are uniquely qualified to deal with all of the electrical repairs associated with the sale of a home, whether you are a real estate agent or the buyer or seller of the property. My wife has been a real estate agent for over 12 years and over that time period I have become very familiar with the ins and outs of the process. I understand the timelines, terminologies, and feelings associated with the sale of homes. Buying and selling a property is oftentimes a stressful, emotional, and exciting time in peoples lives and I understand this very well because of the years I have been around the process. This part of our work is our passion. We love the process and having the ability to help move things along through that process smoothly and efficiently is something we take great pride in. Everything from providing a point of negotiation for a potential buyer or calming some fears after a home inspection, to reassuring a nervous seller, we really can help with all aspects of the home sales process.

Free estimates:
We understand a lot of companies do free estimates, and we are no exception on that front. What sets us apart is that we give free same day estimates on your real estate sale work. We understand that the sale of real estate sometimes happens at a very rapid pace and time is of the essence. We have heard many people say, “you are the 3rd person we have tried to contact about these repairs and the only one to call us back, or the only one who has shown up”. We love hearing this because it means we are doing something right! Being available, prompt, and reliable for real estate transaction repairs is the cornerstone of our business. We have the ability to give quotes for your home inspection electrical issues often without even going to the property, as long as we are provided with the inspection report and potential (or already negotiated TRR report). We have facilitated the repairs of so many of these transactions that it allows us to provide you with a very speedy and accurate quote. On the rare occasion that the property needs to be looked at in person for a good and proper evaluation we can often times do that the same day as well, as long as it fits with the agent’s, buyer’s, or seller’s schedule.

Knowledgeable technicians:
All of our technicians are State of Oklahoma licensed journeymen who take pride in their work and are highly skilled at all aspects of the electrical field. Most of them have years of experience and training both in the field and in a classroom setting learning about electrical theory and different electrical systems. We strive stay up to date with all of the newest technology and electrical code changes through continuing education courses. At Volt Electric we understand that the electrical trade is an ever changing field and as such we make it our mission to change and grow with it!

Thorough Evaluations:
Sometimes home inspectors say and claim things in their reports that are incorrect or not true and most of the time this is not intentional on their part but merely a lack of knowledge on the circumstance or just the passing on of information that has been “heard in the past”. One of our main goals is to take that report that the inspector provides and use it as a tool to begin the process for finding out the true nature of the electrical issues involved and make our professional determination as to the necessity of what needs to be repaired. We have become accustomed to inspectors calling out Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels as being an extreme hazard and almost always needing to be replaced. This conclusion is more often than not incorrect and it can be extremely costly and unnecessary. We love educating people through the process of learning about their electrical systems and how they function and to be able to do that we need to provide accurate and thorough knowledge. When we do an evaluation on Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels we have a long and detailed list of known problem areas we look and test for. This list includes the following items:

  • Heat damage on breakers, wire, or the bus where the breakers make contact to get power
  • We check for smooth and crisp operation of the breaker mechanism
  • We check for proper voltage output in both the on and off position (as sometimes these breakers internal mechanisms get stuck and allow voltage leak through even in the off position)
  • We check to see if there is good solid contact between the breakers and the bus where they get their power from. (Week, sloppy, or loose connection points are a common cause for electrical damage and fires)
  • And we intentionally cause a “fault current” situation at a device point to make sure that the breaker “trips” or interrupts the fault current as it should.
    We believe that a very in depth and knowledgeable investigation can most of the time point out any flaws that exist in the electrical system, possibly eliminating the need for costly repairs that are not necessary or bringing to light actual issues that need to be dealt with.

Our Guarantee:
Like I have discussed, we are more than capable of handling all of the electrical repair needs from your inspection reports and TRRs. We also have the ability to send reports, estimates and evaluations as negotiating points for your projected TRRs if we are contacted early enough in the sale process. We also offer “bill to closing options” where we do the work prior to closing and then take payment from the proceeds at closing if that is something that makes the repairs financially feasible for you. We can and have even done “credit at closing” options if sellers did not want to have work performed before the sale for one reason or another but were willing to offer a credit to the buyers to have work performed after closing at their request. We offer all of these solutions to get the electrical repairs taken care of and not delay the closing of your home. We believe that we are the best at what we do in this area of our business and to back it up we have a guarantee. That guarantee is that if we have received your inspection report, and TRR or projected TRR within your inspection period and you have approved our estimate for the repairs we guarantee that if the electrical repairs cause a delay in your closing that all work performed will be free!