Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and the highest quality of electrical work to meet your needs. Our technicians are well trained and very capable of delivering on that promise. We value and take very seriously what our customers think of the services we have provided. When customers take the time out of their often busy lives to leave us a review, we just can not say thank you enough! Here are a few of the things our amazing customers have said about us and if given the chance to work for you we would strive to provide you with the same experience and include you in this list of satisfied customers! We love this quote from Lisa Masiello “Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.”



Chris and Emilie Hickman
Volt Electric did a great job! They gave a bid quickly and did the work promptly as well! Very professional! Thank you!


McKensey Coit
Excellent, quality work! Their prices beat their competitors by a landslide! I highly recommend.


Angie Hesser
We had 3 light fixtures that needed to be replaced. We were very pleased with Volt Electric. We will use them again, and have already recommended them to a few friends!


Scot G
Nic and his team were quick to respond, were very professional and performed quality work. Nic worked around my schedule and other contractors’ schedules to ensure the job was completed timely. I would recommend Volt Electric and plan to use their services for my next project.


Denise Hobbs
5/5 stars. Will recommend to anyone needing service. I have anxiety associated with contacting anyone for any type of repair. I was put completely at ease with the professionalism and timeliness. If you are looking for honest, reasonably priced, and timely service, contact Volt Electric! I will definitely be contacting them for any future needs. Thank you for taking care of us!


Chris Janda
In a time where it seems impossible to get anyone to call you back when you need work done, Nick is just the opposite. He replied within an hour and did everything he could to work with my schedule. He found a way to install a new outlet for me in a location that was quite challenging. He was also a pleasure to business with, very professional and friendly. I have already recommended him to others. Great job Nick!


Tanya Downing
We had our electrical box pulled off the house from the ice storm. Nic came out very quickly. He was honest about what work needed to be done and was fairly priced. He did a great job in a timely manner. We tell everyone we know to use him.

As you can see our clients love us for a variety of reasons.


Speed of service: We take great pride in being able to get to our customers in a timely manner and take care of their issue or project quickly. We understand that our clients are busy and have sometimes limited availability for the work to be performed and that is why it is imperative that we respond to their needs quickly with speedy, on time service. Our customer’s time is valuable to them, so that means it is valuable to us as well!

Friendly and Professional technicians: All of our Electricians build a great rapport with our customers because they understand and have the same company vision that we have, and that is to build a loyal customer base through great service. Word of mouth business from past clients is more valuable to us than any amount of advertising that we could ever do. So, It is our mission to have a great personal interaction with each client from start to finish of their project. All of our electricians enjoy what they do and that reflects in the way in which they conduct themselves with our customers. I get calls all the time after one of our electricians leave a project letting me know how friendly and personable they were and really took the time to not only fix the issue and do the work but also explain the process and teach them about their electrical system. I really look forward to getting those calls and appreciate the electrician for the great service they are providing for the customer and the customer for letting me know how their experience was. I love rewarding our people in the field for a job well done and it makes the process much easier when we often times receive such immediate feedback from customers.

Fix the problem the first time: No one wants to hire a contractor to come work at their home and have them come back time and again to fix issues that either should not have happened in the first place or could have easily been avoided. There is no need for multiple trips to a customer’s house to ensure that the job they needed done is done correctly. We take pride in doing the work correctly the first time. Our electricians are highly skilled and competent at what they do and are well suited to do any electrical project that our customers may have for us.

The Right Price for the Job. We love up front, accurate pricing and all of our customers do as well. If the project was planned, and looked over diligently ahead of time before the bid or quote was given there is almost no reason a “surprise” should ever come up. This is the way we do business, a fair price for all work performed. Customers need to feel secure in the fact that they are not going to be hit with all kinds of extra charges or fees at the end of the project because due diligence was not performed at the beginning of the whole process.

Honest service: We believe that there is more to providing great service than just being prompt, quick, correct, and friendly. We provide honest informative service. There have been many times where we received a phone call from a possible potential client and we have walked them through their own troubleshooting of the issue over the phone. Correcting the problem as we were speaking. We could have easily took the call, went to the customer’s house, fixed the issue and charged a decent service fee, but that is no way to do business. Even if we miss out on potential jobs, we have just found that honesty really is the best policy. Another benefit of this is that we have taught a homeowner to be able to address possible similar issues in the future just by teaching them more about their electrical system.