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Why Contact us over our Competition?

-Up Front Pricing. ALWAYS. 

I have worked around many contractors (not just electrical contractors) in my time in the electrical trade and have seen it many times when the contractor came up against an issue that was “unexpected”. What happens now? Well much of the time that cost gets passed onto the customer with a “sorry” , didn’t expect that issue to happen attitude that someone now has to foot the bill for. I handle things in a different way. Yes it is true that some things do come up that are unavoidable and issues do arise, but it is my goal to plan for that stuff in the beginning through thorough evaluation of the project ahead of time and anticipating the possible issues that could arise. That way when I give an estimate or a bid it should be taken as “worst case scenario”. I take pride in giving an accurate bid for your work, which sometimes includes the what if contingencies. Customers deserve to be able to budget and plan for their work to be done and not get hit with extra charges that could have been avoided through careful planning and taken into account in the beginning. It is my policy that once a bid is given and accepted that that price never goes up, unless the customer requests changes during the project that were not included in the original scope of work. We have no hidden fees and our stated price is what it will be…and you might be surprised because it could come in less.


We meet your deadlines.

We understand that time is valuable and we take pride in our professionalism with prompt, on time service and completion of your project within the original agreed upon timeframe. We really take this to heart with your real estate transactions! Even though a mortgage has been secured and a property is under contract, the occasional hitch can take the closing process from warp speed to ultra slo-mo. This is where you learn that sometimes, the most seemingly straightforward home-buying process can still be fraught with obstacles. If you are a real estate agent, buyer, or seller of a home you can take it to the bank, literally, that we WILL meet the deadline for the closing of your home! We have skilled technicians to do the work quickly, we offer billing to closing, and we offer free quotes to negotiate the electrical work for the sale of the home that allow for a “credit at closing” to the buyers to have the work performed after closing if necessary. We offer all of these services to real estate agents and their clients to guarantee electrical repairs will not hold up the closing of the home. For more information on this guarantee please read the other sections of this tab and search the warranty and guarantee section of this website for all of the details!


Knowledgeable Technicians.

All of our technicians are State of Oklahoma licensed journeymen who take pride in their work and are highly skilled at all aspects of the electrical field. Most of them have years of experience and training both in the field and in a classroom setting learning about electrical theory and different electrical systems. We strive stay up to date with all of the newest technology and electrical code changes through continuing education courses. At Volt Electric we understand that the electrical trade is an ever changing field and as such we make it our mission to change and grow with it!


We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Our mission with every customer is to exceed their expectations. We want to go above and beyond to make sure every aspect of the service we provide to you is top notch. From estimates and bids, all the way through the finished product, we really want your experience with us to be more than you expected and we will work tirelessly to prove it. If in the rare event something is not done do our customer’s specification or needs we will absolutely work to make it right.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” ~ Tony Hsieh

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” ~ James Cash Penney


Same day Treatment, Repairs & Replacements(TRR) estimates

Are you a Realtor, buyer, or seller of a home and just got a scary report from a home inspector? We can absolutely take care of you! Our company is specifically adapted to handle the ins and outs of your inspections, TRRs, and timelines. We provide same day estimates for any and all of the electrical issues associated with the sale of a home. We know the delicate nature of these transactions and are fully prepared and able to meet your needs. If you choose us for these types of repairs we guarantee that electrical repairs will not hold up your home’s closing…if it does, the work is free! We offer many benefits to accommodate your transaction. We accept billing at closing, take credit cards, and can even take care of the work after closing if a credit between buyer and seller has been agreed upon. Please send us your inspection reports and TRR’s for your quote today!


We accept Credit Cards.

We offer Bill to Closing on real estate transaction repairs.

Need to have electrical repairs done to facilitate the sale and closing of your home? Do you lack the funds ahead of time to have work performed? Look no further! We offer a billing to closing option which allows us to do the work and get paid from the proceeds that you receive at closing. This makes for a quicker, smoother transaction. We can work hand in hand with your Realtor to make sure we get everything just right for your Appraiser, Lender and title company.