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Why Work For VOLT Electric?


Family First

We are first and foremost a family oriented company and place a high priority on those values. We want people that work for us to know that when things come up and issues arise outside of work that need attending to, that we are very flexible and understanding with the time they might need to take care of their family. Employees should never be made to feel bad or like they are inconveniencing the business for time off they may need to take care of anything with their families. I have worked at jobs in the past that were inflexible and made you feel like you were being a burden to the company with needed time off and that is not the type of working atmosphere that I want to have or promote at our company. We know and understand that life happens beyond working and business life from time to time, and those times should be made a priority. We would love the opportunity for you to work for us and have your family join our family to grow and prosper the business!

“You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.”Rod Stewart



Local Work/No out of town jobs

Our service area is the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding suburbs which means that you will never be far from home! Our work area includes Edmond, OKC, Piedmont, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Moore, Tuttle, Blanchard, and Newcastle. We do not do out of town work which will allow you to be home with your family in the evenings. Our main focus for the business is service work and small projects that can be performed in a quick and timely manner as opposed to multiple day or extended projects which oftentimes result in extended hours and overtime to meet scheduled deadlines. That is not to say that there may not ever be a need for any overtime to be worked, but in the rare case that comes up it is on a fully voluntary basis and is never forced or pushed. If any overtime is available it is offered to everyone and you have the option to decline.



Competitive pay

We believe in having the best technicians in the industry so as such we offer a scale of pay to match. Our goal is to have happy, fulfilled employees because those employees are the face of our company and being well compensated for your knowledge and skill is very important to us! Our main focus as a business is on a service type of work and small projects so we deal with a large number of customers. Those customers expect excellent, on time, friendly service from us and that is easy to do when our employees are valued and compensated as they should be. We truly believe that providing generous compensation for our employees’ time and skill is one of the most important steps in growing a successful business.



Sign on Bonus

Besides providing generous pay we give our Licensed Journeymen a $1000 sign on bonus after the first 90 days of employment. We do this as a way to say thank you for working for us and providing the level of skill and service that we promise to our valued customers. We are a company who sees that the most valuable assets in our business are the employees and their skills. We can’t succeed without you!



Reliable Hours

Tired of some companies having enough work one week and then not enough the next to keep you busy? Even possibly asking you to “furlough” at home until work picks up? You will not have that with us. We provide our employees with steady full time hours for work. It is one of our main goals to keep you working with the hours needed to provide for your family! We are not about roller-coaster jobs and scheduling. That is no way to do business and no way to treat employees. An employee should not have to have the feeling that there might not be enough work from week to week and they might have to sit at home without pay.



Opportunities to Move Up

As our business grows and changes we welcome the opportunity for those who excel and strive for self improvement to have the ability to move up within our company. It is our ultimate goal to have people move into foreman, estimator, and project management positions. We would enjoy nothing more than to have someone with their own aspirations of being in one of these types of positions be able to fulfill that dream for themselves. Self improvement and personal growth are highly promoted within our company and we want to help people succeed. After all:

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”Henry Ford

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”Keith Miller


So if you like how this sounds we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for the best electricians in the industry to work for us and help us provide the best service we can provide for our customers. Our employees truly are the face of our company and we want the chance to work with you and help each other succeed together! Building a business and a loyal customer base can not be done without our employees skills and knowledge and here at Volt electric we really do value all that our employees bring to the table. Each and every day, you’ll be faced with various different challenges that need to be resolved. These challenges can range from figuring out why an outlet is sparking, to working out the most cost-effective method for wiring a building.Finding the best solution for a problem is the bread and butter of electrician work. We are successful when YOU are successful! Nic Floyd, Owner, Volt Electric LLC.


Aim High, Work Hard and Love Your Family!Deborah Roberts