We understand you have questions! We will walk you through the process before, during and after the job is complete to ensure you’re fully satisfied. You can count on our Technicians to walk you through the diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair options to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations and is within your budget. But here are some questions we hear a lot.


Q- Where are you located?

A- We are located in Yukon, OK just west of OKC.


Q- Can I bill this repair or replacement to my home closing table?

A- YES! We love giving our customers this option because it can sometimes save the real estate transaction from busting. We can email the unpaid invoice to your Realtor and they will make sure the title company adds it to the settlement statement.


Q-What services do you provide?

A- We offer many services from general troubleshooting, to light fixture and panel change-outs and just about everything in between.


Q-Do you offer warranty on parts and labor?

A-Yes! We have a full one year warranty on all parts and labor. It is our mission to provide great quality installations but if you are having issues we want to get you taken care of so please call us! We are more than happy to correct the issue and make things right.

Q-Can you tell me exactly how much this electrical job will cost me?

A- We have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical problem. Most phone quotes are subject to change once the technician sees the job in person. At Volt Electric we don’t think that is fair to you. By allowing us to diagnose the problem in person, you will know exactly what it will cost to get the job done before we begin work.


Q- What is a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter:

A- Its a special type of outlet that automatically shuts off when a short circuit to ground is sensed. These are required by code in certain areas like kitchens, bathrooms, garages or outdoors. They can be typically recognized by having the “RESET” and “TEST” push button switches located on them.


Q-What is knob and tube wiring?

A- Knob and tube wiring gets its name from the white ceramic “knobs” and black “tubes” that encase the copper wiring carrying electricity as it winds through the house. Even though the rest of a home may have updated its wiring at some point, knob and tube often still lingers in hard-to-access pockets like attics, wall cavities, and crawl spaces. Knob and tube wiring was installed at a time when there was very little demand inside homes for electrical devices, and the circuiting and wiring was designed to that standard. Today we are using many more electrical and electronic devices in our homes than ever before, and the way homes were wired in the early 1900’s does not support this many devices being present. This causes circuits that are 70 years old and probably weak to begin with to now be overloaded, causing fire and shock hazards in some circumstances. Knob and tube wiring was installed as insulated individual conductors with a “hot” and a “neutral” line. In that day there was no grounding run alongside them. In many homes people have changed receptacles to match changing times over the years, and may have changed from two prong ungrounded receptacles to two prong grounded receptacles. If you have three prong receptacles installed on an ungrounded circuit you have created a situation where devices that require the ground for safety may be plugged into power that does not provide that safety, creating a potential shock hazard.


Q-When I touch a few outlets in my home, they seem hot. Is there a problem with something?

A-The problems may range from defective and old outlets or overloaded wiring due to the wrong size of fuses or circuit breakers plugged in. If you are constantly experiencing such a situation, you need the services of an electrician to analyze your problem and rectify the same.

Q- I have a Federal Pacific panel and the home inspector said it is illegal and needs to be changed out, is that true?

A- While Federal Pacific panels have gotten a bad reputation for numerous issues that have been found with them they don’t necessarily need to be replaced. We do a full and very detailed electrical panel evaluation on these brands of panels if requested. We look for things like heat damage from overloading, which can occur on the wires, the breakers, or the bus of the panel where the breakers connect. We also do voltage checks, check for smooth and crisp operation of the breaker mechanisms, and how well the breakers attach to the bus in the panel. Our evaluations are extremely thorough so if you have any doubt about the safety of your electrical panel please give us a call today to schedule your panel evaluation!


Q-Do electrical contractors have insurance?

A-Yes, all electrical contracting companies must be licensed as an electrical contractor in the State of Oklahoma. This is designed to ensure customer safety and protection by requiring the licensed company maintain a minimum adequate general liability insurance policy. It also requires the company to be directly supervised by a person with a State of Oklahoma electrical contractor’s license. This license and the licenses of the technicians are required to be renewed yearly and it is also a requirement to keep up on continuing education credits every 2 years.


Q- Do You Have References?

A- YES! Just Click on our Testimonials tab and see some of our Google Reviews! The person you are hiring should always provide a list of references upon request. Always ask other customers if they were satisfied with the work, and make sure the contractor did come back promptly to address any problems.